Ridge and Brooke engagment pregnancy

Ridge and Brooke's first engagment and pregnancy

First MiscarriageEdit

Brooke became pregnant from Ridge after she first gave her viriginity to him. And later she suffered a miscarriage. This was the first miscarrage which others believe occurred.

Third pregnancy before Caroline

Second pregnancy before Ridge decided to later be with Caroline. He married Caroline inspite of the pregnancy and since Stephanie/Caroline said it was fake he married her anyway.

Second Miscarriage that was claimed as fake that was never provenEdit

The second miscarriage she had occurred after Ridge and Caroline, Thorne's wife started to become interested in each other again. Ridge slept with Caroline who was already asleep in her bed and a confrontation occurred between the brother's when Thorne shot Ridge. Stephanie took up for her son and then started to encourage Caroline and Ridge to be together to get rid of Brooke. Brooke had discoverered that she was pregnant at the time. Since Bell didn't show her taking a test and focused mainly upon Caroline and Stephanie yelling she was faking a pregnancy now that Ridge wanted Caroline back. Ridge decided his mother and Caroline were correct and Caroline divorced Thorne and Ridge decided to marry Caroline. At the time Brooke was not showing and this also led others to say she was faking it.

When Ridge ran off on his white horse to be with Caroline, Brooke's water ran down her legs and she cried hysterically. Ridge, Stephanie and Caroline quoted the mantra continously she was faking it and that is what has been quoted to this day that she was faking it. Storm her brother even believed his sister was pregnant with Ridge's child to which Ridge disagreed and believed it was a lie.

Ridge and Brooke

Taylor was pregnant at the time that Taylor said she was pregnant and Ridge and Brooke were a couple.

Third miscarriage, Ridge and Brooke were on their way to being married againEdit

Stephanie and Taylor said Brooke had to be faking it and Brooke told Ridge she lost the baby and they believed it was too quickly and so because Stephanie and Taylor said she had to be lying this was also consider to be a fake miscarriage. It was never proven.

Fourth miscarriageEdit

Ridge and Brooke marry and Brooke discovers she's pregnant at the same time Taylor is pregnant with Ridge's son. Taylor figured Brooke had to have known about her pregnancy and accused her of faking a pregnancy again. Again. no proof. Brooke didn't say anything yet Brooke doesn't say anything the majority of the time when others are lying on her either. Brooke lost the baby on her and Ridge's honeymoon and Ridge went to be with Taylor due to the baby Thomas.

None of the miscarriages were proven to be fakeEdit

The majority of the show's history has been based on the questionable opinions of Stephanie who tried to abort her grandchild from it's mother, Morgan and Taylor who has used her psychology license to manipulate people to see things as she sees situatons.