Brooke holding a candlestick hiding from Andy her rapist and attacker. Stephanie told him where to find the keys to rape her and told him that she was an easy woman.


Thorne and Brooke


Deacon and Brooke


Brooke and Oliver


Thomas starts to fantasize about his step mother Brooke after Taylor talks about her sexuality alot. Thomas later kisses Brooke on the walkway and when she's asleep. Taylor then calls her a serial sexual predator even though she was asleep. Thomas and Stephanie later use this lie to break up Ridge and Brooke's marriage so Ridge and Taylor can marry.


Thomas and Brooke right before he unexpectedly kisses her.

Taylor and Stephen

Taylor slept with Stephen Logan (Brooke's father)after complaining about Brooke sleeping through all of the Forrester men even though she's slept through the Logan and Forrester men except for Eric which would have occurred if Stephanie hadn't been with her husband at the time.


Stephanie had an affair with Clarke Garrison the man she was planning on setting up to marry her daughter Kristen. After they had the affair she talked him into seducing and marrying her daughter who she felt spent too much time with her father. The two married but divorced later.

Brooke and EricEdit

Brooke and Eric became involved after he slept with her when she was already drugged and asleep. She thought she was kissing Ridge and later learned otherwise. She avoided Eric but after she discovered from her gynecologist she was pregnant she guessed it was Eric and started to dat
e him behind Stephanie's back. She and Eric started to go to Big Bear and afterwards she broke up with him after she discovered he and Stephanie were con

Rick (Brooke's son) and Taylor's affair. At the time Taylor was dating Phoebe's ex-boyfriend Rick and sleeping with him. Unknown to virginal Phoebe. Rick was her first boyfriend.

sidering reuniting. He wondered why she broke up but decided to marry her after her doctor gave him the conception time of the birth which was the time she was already asleep in her bed drugged with sleeping pills in her attempt to get over Ridge. He stops her from having the abortion and they marry due to her pregnancy. At this time Eric was her second intimate experience and Ridge was her first. Far from the "slut from the valley" phrase.(Slept with her while she was drugged, foggy and unconscious)

Brooke and RidgeEdit

Brooke (married to Nick Marone at the
time) and Ridge slept together while she was drugged and asleep in bed and he slept with her. This is also considered to be a conquest. According to Taylor Hayes the ex-wife of Ridge she was not raped.(Slept with her while she was drugged, foggy and unconcious)

Brooke and RidgeEdit

Brooke and Ridge had a legitimate affair after Eric married her after discovering she was pregnant. After Caroline died Ridge started to pursue Brooke who was married and had already had her baby to Eric. Stephanie encouraged her son to chase her because she wanted Eric to divorce Brooke so she could marry her ex-husband. So she hid a camera in the lab waiting for the time Ridge would seduce Brooke to be with him. Brooke rejected him on several occasions, but finally succumb to her passions when he finally got her to admit she still loved him and primarily married Eric due to the pregnancy. They had a spontaneous romp and decided they would be together until Taylor came into the picture and started encouraging Eric to refuse to give the divorce so Brooke and Ridge could marry. (Legitimate affair. Brooke was not drugged nor was Ridge)

Brooke and AndyEdit

Brooke and Andy a sleezy lawyer slept with her after he violently raped her instead of seducing her while she was asleep. Stephanie Forrester told him where to find her key and he came in and physically abused her and had sexual relations. According to Ashley Abbot she was using her rape to get Ridge Forrester back. Stephanie told Andy, Brooke was easy. (A rape Stephanie Forrester set up)

Brooke and ThorneEdit

Brooke and Thorne became involved after Taylor became pregnant again and she became more depressed and drunk more on occassion. She came up with the Bedroom Line during this time which further destroyed her reputation as a wantoness woman and she started to pursue Thorne as being her destiny after she started to have meltdowns of seeing Ridge kiss Taylor over and over again in her mind. Thorne was Brooke's fourth since she had been engaged to James Warwick but after marrying Ridge again Taylor came back from the dead and married Ridge again. Thorne therefore became her fourth conquest. Most viewers were becoming upset due to her pursuing Thorne and it made her character appear to be everything Stephanie said she was. (Brooke legitimately chased Thorne after Stephanie taunted her about never having Ridge again after she flaunted in her face Taylor’s pregnancies. Thorne also encouraged her so I wouldn’t call this a mistake since he chose to date her and then marry her.)

Brooke and DeaconEdit

Brooke and Deacon became involved after Thorne left her after she revealed to Deacon that Ridge was the only man she'd ever truly love. Brooke was at home drunk already and Deacon came with more booze and boozed her up some more and picked her up and took her to her bed. This was the last straw for most viewers even though at this time Deacon became the fifth conquest it angered the viewing audience that she became pregnant by her daughter's husband. Her bad repuation was sealed from here on. (Might as well call it date rape. Brooke was already drunk due to Thorne leaving her which Deacon was well aware of her state and and he plied her with more liquor he brought over. He also did the same thing to Nikki Newman from Young and the Restless. This is considered to be a mistake only because she didn’t stop sleeping with him after he slept with her the first time. And this led to her pregnancy of Hope Logan.)

Brooke and OliverEdit

Brooke and Oliver became involved through mistaken identity. Brooke was wearing the same outfit as Hope and Oliver was wearing the same outfit as Ridge. Oliver thought he was making out with Hope who was wearing a mask in a dark night club atmosphere and Brooke thought she was making out with her husband Ridge at a dark night club event. (Legitimate mistaken identity. Brooke and Ridge have both been spontaneous and adventurous when it’s come to their sex lives. This is her only legitimate mistake.)

Taylor Hayes and Stephanie ForresterEdit

The scenes are on One of the major reasons Brooke is considered to be unlikeable at times is because the show interprets her behavior such as being compassionate, nice or smiling in a man's face as being inviting and encouraging men to treat her such a way. Also her "Bedroom Line" for Forrester which generated an exorbitant amount of money for the Forresters only worsened her reputation. And the major clincher is when she unabashedly ran after Thorne Forrester as her destiny in an attempt to get over Ridge and the last straw for many fans was when she slept with her daughter's husband Deacon Sharpe. People are more outrage over the fact that she didn't stop the affair after Deacon plied her with the alcohol. However, the entire soap revolves around hating Brooke since the characters Stephanie Forrester and Taylor Hayes both slept with their daughter's boyfriends and significant others. It is looked over however, because they never became pregnant by them. Brooke is considered to be the classic dumb blonde bombshell of this soap and is written as such. Her daughter Hope is following in her mother's step as well since the virgin is now being plotted against by Amber Moore, Oliver Jones and Steffy Forrester into giving up her virginity. A plot which Stephanie Forrester had concocted when she constantly called the young virgin Brooke at the time "the slut of the valley" which she later became.

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