Victor Newman and Brooke Logan

Victor Newman and Brooke acted like a couple to anger Ridge who was married to Taylor at the time and he attempted to taunt Victor and make threats after thinking they were a couple. It outraged Taylor, Ridge’s wife at the time, who left the restaurant.

Others minor Flirtations

Brooke flirted with Connor her lawyer, Dante,Pierce, Dave Reed (an ex-fiancee at beginning of show), James Warwick her ex-fiancee and Whip Jones. James Warwick is the only one she had sex with.

Thomas and Brooke

Thomas and Brooke flirtation began after Thomas felt he had to do something to make his Taboo line for men sparkle better then his step-sister's Hope's line. So he kissed his step-mother thinking it would create buzz. It did create buzz but caused Taylor her rival to become unhinged at her son kissing her nemesis so she started to quote mantras that Brooke and Thomas would eventually sleep with each other. Thomas became so drowned out by the mantras that he started looking at his step-mother Brooke in a romantic fashion as she slept and he kissed her on a plane back from Paris. Brooke woke up and was stunned. Taylor heard Brooke and Thomas discussing the kiss and said Brooke seduced her son in sexy lingerie even though Brooke was asleep wearing a beige sweater and beige pants and a coat. Ridge pulls the line upsetting Thomas and he comes out with a women line. Ridge goes to Paris and is followed by Taylor who reminds him that he said he'd run back to her if Brooke messed up again. Ridge attests it's there son that kissed her while she was asleep and it's not Brooke's fault. Taylor accuses Brooke of encouraging this behavior. Taylor thinks Ridge is dumping his wife Brooke and running back to her but is stunned when he sees their names in lights surrounded by a heart that says "Brooke loves Ridge." Taylor leaves angered and makes it her goal to destroy their marriage at any cost for the sake of her son. Thomas starts to flirt more with his step-mother who finds it difficult to believe he sees her any kind of way since she raised him since he was a kid. Yet their dialogue takes on a flirtatious nature which concerns Ridge.

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