Caroline and Ridge

Caroline and Ridge's wedding.

Stephanie 1

Stephanie is succesful at breaking up Beth and Eric again since her husband was planning on leaving her for his ex-fiancee. She had gotten rid of Brooke Logan, Beth's daughter since Ridge left her pregnant which caused her to miscarry. However, she was unaware that she screwed herself over because Eric who felt sorry for Brooke decided to comfort her. As Brooke slept after ingesting sleeping pills and booze. Eric eased into the bed with her and made love to her as she saw in her mind Ridge. Stephanie unaware of how Brooke's and Eric's affair began is outraged when she discovers Brooke is pregnant from Eric's seduction rape. Eric issues a paper of divorce and marries Brooke due to the baby. Stephanie makes it her goal to destroy as many Logans as possible.

Taylor th

In an attempt to get her husband Eric back Stephanie attempts to set "Ridge and Brooke" up in the lab hoping to catch them in an inappropriate act. She also encourgaed her son Ridge to chase after Brooke after Caroline died. Taylor, Caroline's doctor who at the time was making a play for Ridge threatened Stephanie to cut it out. She made it known to her that she and Ridge will marry one day. Stephanie chuckles and calls her delusional telling her that even though she doesn't particularly care for Brooke she even knows that "Ridge and Brooke " belonged togehter and that Caroline was right. Taylor makes it known to her that "she better accept her and her son together or she will make sure neither he nor their grandkids would ever see her again."

Macy 2

Macy physcially and verbally attacks Brooke after she shamelessly pursues Thorne.

Fight 1

After Taylor became pregnant with Ridge's children Brooke attempted to forget Rige by chasing after Thorne. After Thorne left her due to what she revealed to Deacon, such as "Ridge is the only man I will truly ever love." Taylor started to laugh in her face about her still wanting Ridge and Brooke in so many words had a nervous break down. She started running down the hall in her red lingerie. Started telling Taylor she was going to marry Ridge eventually and giggled while handing her children lollipops. This part wasn't good but actually Taylor did the same to Brooke's kids when she was trying to take the kids away form her when Ridge was going to marry Brooke. This occurred prior to to this incident. At that time Taylor was trying along with Stephanie to break them up again. Also Brooke pretended to date Victor Newman to upset Ridge which it did. She also told Taylor that due to karma she will eventually marry Ridge and raise their kids as well. This is what caused Taylor in this picture to lash out in extreme anger at her.


After sleeping with her daughter's husband Bridget decided to go after Brooke's ex-fiancee Nick Marone.


Steffy competes with her step-mother over the attention of her father. She doesn't rival Brooke in the men department but instead rivals the Logan females. She's alrady gone after Hope's boyfriends and is now going after Katie Logan's(Brooke's sister) husband Bill Spencer Jr. She's already made it known that her intentions is to eventually cause Hope to loose her virginity so she can become like her trampy mother who was once virginal and nieve like Brooke her mother.


Brooke slapped Ashley Abbot (Ridge's fiancee at the time) after she said Brooke was using her violent rape by Andy as a way to latch back on to Ridge.

Brooke and CarolineEdit

Brooke and Caroline became rivals after Ridge was caught in the act by her father having an affair with a model by the name of Alex Simpson. Ridge was also having an affair with Eric Forrester's secretary while being engaged to Caroline who he claimed to love and was considered to be a playboy. These scenes are on After Caroline left Ridge at the altar and she gave Brooke permission to date him Caroline became jealous and depressed and more jealous after Brooke became pregnant. Caroline enlisted the help of her future mother-in-law Stephanie to help her when it came to trying to sabotage Brooke's happiness and Stephanie came on board after Brooke discovered that Eric was planning on leaving Stephanie for Beth her mother and Brooke addressed Stephanie who called her and her mother sluts and whores. Brooke later suffered three miscarriages due to the abuse and was railed against after Caroline discovered that Ridge once wrote a love note to her before she married Thorne and both Brooke and Thorne hid it since Brooke was engaged to and pregnant with Ridge's child and Thorne was engaged to Caroline. Ridge slept with Caroline in an attempt to upset his brother when Caroline was asleep and drugged. Thorne shot his brother unknowingly and Stephanie hid it.

Brooke and TaylorEdit

Brooke and Taylor became rivals after Ridge and Brooke were finally making their way back to each other inspite of Brooke being married to his father. However, after meeting his wife's doctor Taylor starts giving advice to Eric on how to keep Brooke married to him and advice to Ridge on not going back to Brooke since she's married to his father. He later makes his decision to marry her based off of her correct assessment that he couldn't hurt his father like that. She was right. The two later marry. She also enlists the help of Stephanie who was antagonistic against her at first and told her that even though she despised Brooke she knew Ridge and Brooke belonged together and she warned her to help her be with Ridge or she would never see Ridge or her grandkids if they had any. This scene is on

Stephanie and Brooke

Stephanie and Brooke became rivals due to Stephanie's past relationship with Brooke's mother. Also, Stephanie was fond of calling Brooke who at the time was a virgin a "slut from the valley." She also brought up the families low economic state which was blue collar at the time and called the family trash. The situation became more heated however after Eric almost left Stephanie for Beth again so Stephanie found Beth's husband who had left the family in an attempt to save her marriage. Brooke in her book would never be good enough for her son even though she was innocent and a Chemistry student at the time. The situation became worse and worse as men became protective of a young Brooke and Stephanie's husband Eric who she was separated from her at the time became concerned for Brooke after Ridge left her. As Brooke was asleep and drugged since she had been having a case of insomnia she was dreaming of Ridge. Eric came into the bedroom and started kissing on her and in her mind when she opened her eyes her vision was foggy and saw Ridge thinking he had come back to her. From this moment she became pregnant. She avoided Eric who had apologized but after she started having pregnancy spells she went to her gynecologist who told her she was pregnant. Brooke decided at this time to start seeing Eric and hid it from Stephanie. Later Eric discovered why she started to give him the okay to see her when he saw her at her gynecologist and he discovered she was pregnant and the gynecologist gave her the possible time of conception and he realized it was the time he slept with her she thought she was kissing Ridge. Stephanie deemed her a homewrecker after Eric gave her a decree of divorce and married Brooke.

Other Minor Rivalries

Ashley Abbot was once engaged to Ridge. Thorne was separated from Macy at the time but they were making their way back to each other when Brooke started to pursue him. Another rival, Steffy Forrester continuously vies for her father Ridge's attention and competes against Hope Logan, Brooke's daughter. Bridget decided to get back at her mother by dating, becoming engaged to marrying, and having an adulterous affair with Brooke's ex-fiancee and ex-husband Nick Marone. Nick and Bridget are no longer together due to Bridget having an adulterous affair with her father-in-law and becoming pregnant by him.

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