Brooke, Thomas and BerriesEdit

Thomas and Brooke end up in a plane crash as they make their way to Sidney, Australia for another Taboo promotion for the women’s line. The Forresters gather together to discuss the possibility of their deaths and Ridge and Taylor grow closer after the potential loss of their son.

Brooke and Thomas find hallucinogenic berries on the island and they have a bad trip of them in a bed full of roses covered naked laughing and of them under the waterfall. When they wake up they are fully covered and can barely move and unable to keep anything down. Both are sketchy as to if they actually had any kind of intercourse or not.

Later Thomas remembers nothing happened but lies on Brooke after Stephanie discovers the berries are hallucinogens and she could use them to break up “Ridge and Brooke’s” family again.

Stephanie Betrays Brooke againEdit

After Brooke aided and supported Stephanie during her cancer treatments and encouraged her to live Stephanie has decided that Brooke is up to her old tricks again of seducing the Forrester men after talking to Taylor Hayes about Brooke possibly seducing her son Thomas. She urges Stephanie to remember who the old Brooke Logan was and to go against her. Stephanie betrays Brooke who she considered to be a friend for a short period of time again. A pattern that occurred when she tried to get Brooke to leave Nick her husband at the time to go back to Ridge who had a heart attack because he couldn't be without his Logan.

Thomas teams up with Stephanie to break up "Ridge and Brooke"Edit

It is later revealed Thomas and Brooke did not have sex but he lies to Ridge and Ridge believes his son and Taylor, Thomas' mother tells Ridge she loves him and wants them to be a family again. Whip her husband leaves her after she says Brooke can make her husband (referring to Ridge) believe anything. Whip calls her out on her bull for wishing, hoping and manipulating the situation to look like Brooke is after Thomas so she and Ridge can be together. After Ridge leaves Brooke after Thomas untrue admission Taylor tells him she doesn't love Whip her husband and hasn't for quite sometime.

'Taylor' calls Brooke sickEdit

Taylor barges into Brooke's house and calls her sick and twisted for seducing her son Thomas and she was going to file charges against her for seducing her adult son under the influence of the drugged berries. Brooke is besides herself when Taylor asks her how can she live with herself. The words of Taylor later causes Brooke to have a fits of depression and tears at the thought that she slept with her step-son and it causes the demise of Brooke and Ridge's marriage leaving an opening for Taylor to marry her ex-husband again since her husband Whip left her due to her inability to keep from manipulating the situation to be with Ridge.

James tells Brooke, “Thomas is Lying”Edit

Brooke goes to James Warwick a psychologist due to believing she must be a sick woman to sleep with her step-son and that Taylor and Stephanie have always been right about her. James puts Brooke in a state of hypnosis and reveals to her that she didn’t remember anything about sleeping with Thomas and she consciously doesn’t believe it and that it’s very unusual for a person under hypnosis not to remember a particular event. He tells Brooke that he thinks Thomas is lying.

Brooke finds it difficult to believe that her step-son who she raised like her own son would lie to her but he reminds her about the Stephanie and Taylor vendetta that have been raged against her for years and how any child would want to see his natural parents reunited. Brooke disagrees with him saying no, “He wouldn’t lie and she’s a sick sexual predator like everyone else says.” James tells her he doesn’t believe that and he brings up the past atrocities Stephanie and Taylor have done against her over and over again and he tells her she’s an abused victim and has been one for years and that has caused her to act as though she’s guilty when she’s not and to accept lies others tell on her without question. Therefore, there lies become truth. But he’s telling her now what they say about her is not true nor has it ever been.

Hope believes Thomas is LyingEdit

Hope is stunned when her mother tells her what Thomas said but doesn’t believe it since James doesn’t believe it either. She also brings up the notion that they could physically have sex when they barely could walk or move on the beach and had to crawl just to barely make it to Ridge on the beach. Not to mention they had their clothes on. Hope tells her she’s going to prove Thomas is lying but Brooke refuses to believe her step-son would lie on her and tells her daughter to face the fact she’s a horrible person and that Taylor and Stephanie should be her role model on what a good woman and positive woman is. Hope confronts Thomas and tells him he’s lying and she knows it. Stephanie comes in and stops Hope from going any further and brings up Hope stringing two men along as though she’s in love with them instead.

Grandmother, maybe Brooke truly is the victimEdit

Thomas is outraged and angered by his grandmother bullying him into lying on Brooke after Brooke tenders her resignation from the company and issues papers to divorce Ridge so he can marry Taylor. Brooke also has a heart to heart talk calling Taylor an honorable and good woman and hands her wedding ring to her saying she could never make Ridge happy and she can.

Thomas tells his grandmother she should be ashamed of herself for having him to lie on Brooke like this and throws a glass at a painting in the office telling his grandmother he doesn’t like what they’re doing to Brooke and Stephanie grabs her grandson by the shirt collar coming close to choking him telling him he’s not going to reveal anything to anyone. Thomas tells her “Brooke isn’t a sexual predator. He was the one who kissed her when she was asleep and nothing happened on that island. They did not have sex. Haven’t you ever thought that maybe Brooke is truly the victim here and has always been.” Stephanie tells him “Brooke is no victim and she would have seduced him eventually and she’s just stopping what would have eventually happened. “

Brooke leaves the company and gives half of her money to charity and names it the Stephanie Forrester Foundation which irritates and upsets Stephanie who finally decides to accept it since she help her to get through her cancer scare. Taylor accuses Brooke of being classic Brooke trying to make herself look like the victim. Stephanie hesitantly disagrees with Taylor but still believe Brooke and her son would be better apart from each other. Brooke also places the rest of the funds in a trust fund for her children and has decided to devote the rest of her life to serving the poor at Dayzee’s a little dinning establishment geared towards hiring the homeless and issuing free meals on occasion.

Dayzee wants Thomas to tell the truthEdit

Stephanie becomes furious when he reveals he’s told Dayzee his moralistic girlfriend about the scheme both of them have set up for “Ridge and Brooke.” While this occurs Ridge asks Taylor to marry him all at the urging of Brooke who feels she’s lower then dirt due to the lie and Taylor comes and brags to Brooke about all of the wedding preparations and arrangements she’s making for them to become husband and wife again.

Stephanie Reveals the Truth

Fearful Thomas or Dayzee may reveal the truth at the wedding Stephanie tells Ridge she and Thomas lied. Brooke and Thomas did not have sex. Taylor is floored that another one of her marriages to Ridge is cancelled and Ridge returns to his wife Brooke, their son R.J. and his step-daughter Hope Logan all smiles. However, he's furious with Stephanie for bribing his son promising to give him 25% of her shares once she's dead and gone. Brooke is floored that her step-son who she raised could have told such a lie.

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