Ridge and Brooke's first love at sight moment.

Caroline and Brooke

After Caroline discovered Ridge slept with the model Alex Simpson she dumped him. Later she was assaulted and became a patient at the same hospital Brooke worked at. Brooke decided to go talk to her since she had been assaulted also. Caorline decides to stay with the Logans for a while since she's not getting along with her father and she's not particular about running into Ridge. During this time Caroline and Brooke bonde over their assaults, their willingness to wait before giving up their virginity and their views of the ideal man. Caroline would rather wait for a ring to be on her finger whereas Brooke didn't have to have one as long as the man truly loved her.

B and R

After Caroline dumped Ridge, Brooke asked her if she could date Ridge since she had married Thorne. Caroline was perturbed by it but gave her permmission to do so. It wasn't long before Caroline became jealous especially after Brooke became pregnant with Ridge's child. It wasn't long before Stephanie began calling her the "slut of the valley" and started hinted at that the baby may not be Ridge's. Even though Caroline knew Brooke was a virgin like her she started backing up her mother-in-law in the lies and inuendos. This picture is a picture of Ridge and Brooke's engagement and baby shower party. The stress in the houselhold led to Brooke having three miscarriages which Stephanie deemed as a lie. At this time Bell wrote Brooke in a questionable way using perception and Stephanie's opinion seemed correct however, her character to this day is being exposed as higly manipulative and abusive. Brooke however, is written as a person whose always caught in her lies if she does use deception. None of those times had been corroborated as true. Only implied.

Catering the Forrester's Party


Letter 1

Caroline along with Stephanie discover that Thorne and Brooke hid a love letter he wrote to her the day she married Thorne. Caroline is upset and uses this to break up Ridge and Brooke. Brooke suffers a miscarriage due to Caroline leaving her husband to marry Ridge her fiancee and first love.

'The story began for these two when Beth Logan received a catering job assignment from Stephanie who hadn't realized it was her former rival. Brooke and Ridge had a love at first sight meeting when he accidentally called her Caroline,

After marrying Ridge Caroline learns she is dying and asks Brooke who is now married to Eric and pregnant to leave Eric and marry Ridge after she dies. Brooke tells her she can't and won't do that to Eric. Caroline relays her wishes not only to Brooke but to Taylor that Ridge and Brooke belong together and to make sure it happens. Taylor scoffs at the idea and tells her it's ridiculous since she's already married to his father. Taylor decides to pursue him herself.

his fiancee at the time before realizing it wasn't her. Both Ridge and Brooke were smitten with each other and Ron Moss and Katherine Kelly Lange have attested in an interview on that the popularity of the couple is due to their youthfulness at the time and that first love at sight meeting.

Brooke's Weddings and Taylor's Deaths/Returns

Brooke gave her virginity to Ridge and they co-habitated with each other in 1987 after Caroline gave her permission to date her ex-fiancee. According to Soap Opera Digest "Ridge and Brooke" marry in 1994 on a Malibu beach after Taylor Hayes Forrester's plane crashes and she's considered to be dead. In 1995 their marriage is considered to be invalid due to Taylor's return from the dead. In 1996 Ridge is prepared to remarry Brooke inspite of Taylor being alive but decided not to after he misunderstood Brooke rejecting Grant Chamber's advances when she kissed him good-bye after he revealed his feelings for her. She told him Ridge was the only man for her. Ridge later proposed to Taylor Hayes who was wearing Brooke's wedding ring he picked out for her and the wedding dress he had especially designed for Brooke. Ridge however decides to marry Brooke again in 1997 after Taylor refuses his advances after she learned he ran after Brooke and Grant to stop their wedding which Brooke planned on doing in order to make Ridge jealous who had proposed to Taylor in public as she wore her wedding dress. In 1998 Ridge married Brooke but annulled it after Taylor later revealed she was pregnant with Ridge's child. Ridge played with the affections of Brooke Logan throughout his and Taylor's marriage which caused extreme angst between both women. Taylor died again another time at the hands of Sheila Carter which led to Ridge and Brooke remarrying each other again.

Ridge and Brooke raise Taylor's Children

Ridge and Brooke raised their son R.J. Forrester, Taylor's children Phoebe, Thomas and Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan( a result of an unplanned affair with her son-in-law when she and Ridge were not married or dating). Taylor returns from the dead again ready to reclaim her husband Ridge after approximately seven to eight years had passed.

Nick and Brooke marry

Stephanie had a fake heart attack in order to encourage Ridge to marry Taylor again and he does. Brooke becomes involved with a seaman by the name of Nick Marone who she later learns is Ridge's brother. Nick and Brooke marry and Ridge has a nervous breakdown and a heart attack and Stephanie vows to get Brooke back for her son. After the heart attack scare is over due to Brooke coming to his side but going back to Nick,her husband, Ridge has a nervous breakdown and rapes Brooke like Eric (not seen as rape since Brooke started to date Eric after she thought she was pregnant due to the incident and later married him) his father and Brooke and Nick divorce after he has an affair with her daughter Bridget Forrester and he starts to run a hate campaign against anyone who was a Forrester after learning that Ridge had raped his wife. Ridge and Brooke later marry which confirms Taylor Hayes opinion that Brooke wasn't raped but wanted Ridge and was seducing him in her sleep as she's always done.

Ridge and Brooke remarry and stay married for now or until the next plot

Ridge and Brooke marry and raise Hope Logan who is now an adult on the show. Due to SORAS that means that Ridge and Brooke have been married for approximately twenty years since Taylor died when Thomas, the oldest was nine years of age and she didn't come back until they were young adults approximately 17 to 18 years of age. After Ridge left Taylor again after discovering she had an affair with James Warwick, an ex-fiancee of Brooke Logan while she was married to him he went back to Brooke and blamed Stephanie his mother for sabotaging his efforts all those years to marry the woman he truly loved all his life who was Brooke Logan. He also states to his mother that Taylor and his marriage is one that should have never occurred and he could never understand why she wouldn't allow him to be happy with his Logan. After he leaves Taylor he went back to Brooke, R.J. and Hope who was approximately four at the time. Due to SORAS Hope is now twenty years old.

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