Later when Taylor was presumed dead after being shot by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Taylor's father refused to accept Brooke presence at Taylor's funeral because of Taylor and Brooke's long rivalry and Brooke's hovering over Ridge. Thomas started drinking because of the grief over his mother's death but got help Ridge and the family. Ridge and Brooke decided to officially re-marry again. Thomas and his sisters were raised by Ridge and Brooke for a couple years. Then Taylor returned from the "dead" after being gone for about seven years (Soap Opera time).

Thomas and Caitlin RamirezEdit

Brooke usually approved of sweet girls for Thomas to date and was thrilled when in early 2004 he started dating an intern Caitlin Ramirez , a virgin who she later encouraged to model and work as a model. Hector Ramirez, the girl's father, wanted her to focus on her studies at school and discouraged her from dating. Thomas continued to pursue her, but Caitlin's attention were drawn more and more towards Rick Forrester, Thomas's stepbrother. At the time Rick was just getting over his relationship with Amber Moore and found comfort in speaking to Caitlin, someone he felt was innocent, something he used to be until Amber seduced him, took his virginity from him and had him straddled with a child that wasn't even his. This upset Thomas who took it in quiet silence and he found comfort and solace with Amber, Rick's ex-wife.

Thomas and Amber MooreEdit

Ridge, Brooke and Rick were livid at the thought of the two of them getting together seeing that Thomas was just 17 years old, and Ridge threatened to send Amber to jail for rape of Thomas, which was backed up by Brooke and Rick. Rick tried to assure him he was just looking out for his best interests, and that was what Amber did. Take young men and seduce them and before you know it you have a kid and you're a father. Thomas accused him of being jealous and wanting her just because he was with her. Ridge's despise for Amber grew tremendously at this time as Brooke questioned Thomas on if he and Amber were using protection and telling him to not let her straddle him with a baby like she did Rick. Ridge had fist punching attacks against walls on occasion and threw a lamp angry about the situation and was upset that Brooke didn't appear to be as upset. And she told him she was just as angry as he was, remember she had her as a daughter-in-law but that he's a growing young boy and you can't protect or control your children forever. They have to make their own decisions. Stephanie, Ridge's mother, latched onto the drama by claiming Brooke was going along with the affair between the two. Thomas thanked Brooke for respecting his wishes even though he was aware that she wasn't backing up his decision and was upset that his father refused to treat him like an adult. He hugged Brooke and told her she was the best.

Taylor returned from the DeadEdit

Ridge saw a veiled woman standing behind the gate to the garden at Ridge's home where Nick and Bridget's wedding was taking place. Then everyone heard the woman scream as she was taken by some men. The men worked for Prince Omar who had held Taylor captive for 7 years. Ridge believed it was Taylor who screamed and he started obsessing that she was alive. Brooke feared he was losing his mind. He went to the graveyard to make sure Taylor was dead and dug up the coffin. After finding a dummy in the coffin that looked like Taylor, Ridge became enraged. After climbing out of the grave, He saw Taylor standing before him and reaching out towards him. Ridge and Taylor embraced and are elated to be back together. Taylor then tells him that her apparent death was assumed because she slipped into a coma. Prince Omar, who heard about Taylor being shot arranged for her kidnapping and helped her recover after being in a lengthy coma. After Taylor's recovery she desperately wanted to be back with her family but Omar refused to let his beloved, Taylor go. Taylor escaped with the help of Dante Damiano, an artist hired by Omar to paint Taylor's portrait. Taylor was being pursued by Omar's men and re-captured at Nick and Bridget's wedding and that is when Ridge heard her scream. Omar, shortly thereafter, finally realized that Taylor never would love him and released her. Omar watching Taylor and Ridge's reunion at the grave site revealed himself to them and vowed that if Ridge ever hurt Taylor again, as he did so many times in the past that he would pay. Later, Ridge comes to tell Brooke that Taylor is alive and when Brooke hears the doorbell she opens the door and Taylor is standing there alive. Brooke nearly faints at the shock. Ridge shortly reveals to his children that there beloved mother is alive. Thomas later tells Ridge that he loves R.J., Hope and Brooke but that now there real mom is back and he doesn't really see any real place for Brooke in their family. He urges his father to leave Brooke and reconnect with their mother. Ridge, so happy to have Taylor back in his life eventually does as his son suggests and is even more convinced to be with Taylor after Ridge's mother fakes a heart attack and tells Ridge that her dying wish is to see him and Taylor reunited. Ridge has his marriage to Brooke annulled..

Thomas and Gaby MorenoEdit

Caitlin and Rick soon broke up, and soon Amber and Thomas did as well. Thomas and Caitlin reunited, but were soon torn apart again by Thomas' strong friendship with illegal immigrant Gabriela "Gaby" Moreno (Shanelle Workman). In order to help Gaby stay in the country, Thomas married her. When Ridge and Taylor found out, they were divided by it. Ridge wanted the marriage annulled immediately, while Taylor was more accepting of the relationship. She allowed the couple to move into the Forrester mansion on the condition that they didn't have sex.

Thomas and Gaby resolved to keep their promise to Taylor, but the temptation proved too strong and they eventually gave in to their passion. Phoebe (then played by Addison Hoover) found the condom wrapper, which Thomas had dropped in the hall. She put two and two together and informed Taylor. A furious Taylor then confessed all to the immigration department and they arrived to take her away. However, Gaby's lawyer arrived in time to stop them.

Taylor and Gaby's bitter rivalry came to an end when it was revealed that Taylor had gone to great lengths to keep her in the country, and succeeded. Gaby realized that Taylor had been right about the marriage and agreed to end it. After his and Gaby's marriage was annulled, Gaby left town.

Ridge and Taylor's marriage goes down hillEdit

Ridge and Taylor go to counseling because Ridge still talks fondly of Brooke his ex-wife which upsets Taylor. Ridge praises Brookes ability to make a man feel special sexually and that she knows what she's doing and that Brooke has issues which is why he was with Taylor. Taylor claims that she's not as perfect as he thinks and that she's kissed a man before while married and she confesses that Hector kissed her once and he laughed it off and said, It's not like she's going to do anything. After all she's the Saint." It upsets Taylor who tries to tell her, "No. I'm a regular flawed woman." Ridge smirks it off and walks away.

To test whether or not Ridge's love for her was as strong as his love was for Brooke (Ridge generally felt sorry for her but always seemed to love her no matter what) Taylor tells Stephanie that she's going to confess everything to Ridge about her past adulterous affair and about Hector being in her bedroom kissing her after Brooke catches her in the compromising position.Taylor tries to talk herself into believing that his love for her was true and just as strong if not more than his for Brooke his ex-wife. Stephanie tells her not to tell him or he'll leave her. She knows her son. She tells him one night in their bedroom and he tells her he forgives her for her adulterous affair and for the Hector kiss in their bedroom but not for her hypocrisy. And he can't believe she called Brooke all sort of vile names for years when she was hiding that secret for years. He tells her, he doesn't even know who she is. If he had known she was like that he would have married Brooke in the beginning, after Caroline had died. And he wonders if he ever did know her. He confronts his mother and her manipulative attempts to keep him and Brooke away (by hiding proof of Taylor's past adulterous affair, a letter) for years and can't believe she was such a hypocrite as well when it came to whoredom since his father was actually Massimo Marone which Stephanie had hid for thirty something odd years while calling Brooke disrespectful names. He also comments on how Brooke has never had an adulterous affair on him while they were married.

Thomas whose about twenty-two years old and the twins who are about eighteen break out into tears hugging onto their mother and crying as Ridge tells them that he's divorcing their mother and going back to Brooke if she'll have him. However, Ridge and Taylor never reveal Taylor's adulterous affair or the night she was kissing a man in her husband's bedroom. Taylor starts blaming Brooke for everything wrong in her life. Calling her slut, whore and a litany of names and expressions. Her son Thomas coming back from college on a regular basis became concerned about his mother's state of mind and began to blame Brooke for everything wrong that was going on in their life.

Taylor spins out of controlEdit

Taylor becomes drunk and accidentally kills Darla Forrester. Thomas suspects it but quietly tries to hide the evidence and act as though nothing has happened. Phoebe discovers it and tries to protect her mother from Shane a guy who saw the accident that night. Hector tries to protects her and his house catches on fire since he tried to hide the evidence for her as Taylor made it her goal in a fevered pitch to tell the truth. Hector ends up blind and Taylor ends up telling the truth after the police continue the pursuit of the real killer. Taylor goes to jail. She blames Brooke again for her miserable life. Stephanie leaves her as a friend because Ridge has a heart attack after Brooke marries Nick and Stephanie admits that Brooke has always been the true love of Ridge's life and not Taylor. This sends her more over the edge. She has an affair with Stephen Logan (Brooke's father) and sells her share of Forrester to him to pay the Forresters back. And hates them for accepting Brooke Logan in their family again. Stephanie slaps her after she claims she used her to break up Ridge and Brooke knowing they should have been together. She then goes after Nick and falls into bed with Brooke's husband in a drunken state even though nothing happens. Brooke eventually leaves Nick after he makes it his goal to destroy the Forrester's for Stephanie pushing Jackie Marone over a bannister and Brooke sides with the Forresters and becomes engaged to Ridge. Taylor then marries Nick, another one of Brooke's ex-husbands. Taylor was implanted with Brooke's eggs due to Brooke being unsure of Ridge after he beats her son in a bloody pulp and she runs back to her ex-husband Nick. Taylor fights for her new man and Brooke has her eggs extracted since she knew Nick wanted a child so badly. Taylor has Brooke's eggs and the child has Brooke's DNA. Taylor hates Brooke more and is outraged and starts drinking again heavily claiming to hate the child. Brooke tries to take the child away fearful she'd hurt it and Rick her son comes to the rescue to stop her from drinking. Taylor and Rick (Brooke's son and her daughter's Phoebe first love/boyfriend) have a sexual affair. Phoebe is upset but lies and says she accepts it and goes away to focus on her career with a singer Constantine. Taylor and Rick break up after Taylor acknowledges she was using Rick to get back with Ridge and tells Brooke that if she hands Ridge back to her she'll give her son Rick back.. She wants her to divorce Ridge. Rick is heart broken and upset and goes after Steffy Forrester. He and Steffy have an affair both in an attempt to break up Ridge and Brooke. Rick blames Ridge for making Brooke and Taylor's life a living hell and Steffy blames Brooke for making her mother's life a living hell.

In 2006, Thomas left for college, returning regularly for family events. It was later mentioned that Thomas was working at Forrester International.

Thomas in 2009, is becoming more part of the show especially his sister Steffy and Rick now involved. Taylor found fibres from the sweater that Pam made him as a gift. Fibers were found in the crime scene of attempts on Rick's life. Taylor started asking questions how Thomas feels about the whole situation with her and Rick and Phoebe and now Rick with Steffy. Thomas then admitted that he blew up Rick's car and lit a fire at his house. He just wanted to scare Rick and how he is sorry but he still reckons Rick deserved it and hates him for what Rick has done to Phoebe, Taylor, and Steffy. Ridge and Taylor now know have to try and keep that Thomas tried to kill Rick a secret. They think if he finds out he will call the cops straight away. Steffy also had to keep it a secret even though its hard for her to keep it from Rick. Her parents forbade her to tell him because Rick would tell the cops. So for a while she keeps it but eventually Rick finds out. When Rick and Steffy are in bed, Rick suspects that Steffy isn't telling her something. But lies to him and tell him nothing is going on so she can protect her brother. When Rick makes a joke about Thomas that he is crazy she goes funny and defends him to not to say that about Thomas. Rick then starts suspecting something because she is so defensive about it.

So Rick goes and confronts Thomas because Rick knows that Thomas has a problem with them. As Thomas and Rick are arguing Rick figures out it was Thomas who made those attempts on his life. Rick is surprised and tells Thomas he has no choice but to call the cops. So Thomas tries to stop him and they start a little fist action but as Rick is about to hit Thomas, Ridge shows up and grabs Rick's hand and stops him. Rick says he knows about that Thomas tried to kill him and he must call the police but Ridge takes the phone to stop Rick from calling the police. Thomas tells Ridge he should confess and its he's problem not Ridge's. But Ridge tells Thomas to go away so Ridge and Rick can make a deal together, so that Thomas will not have to go to jail. Ridge starts talking about that Thomas didn't mean to hurt him and didn't want to kill him just scare him. Rick as his usual selfish attitude says he understands that but Thomas should go to jail so he is safe. But Ridge tells him because he didn't send Rick to jail for Phoebe's death that Ridge owes him for not letting Thomas to go to jail.

Rick then ends up agreeing with hesitation and wants something from Ridge. Ridge says anything but Rick makes it harder. Rick says he wants Steffy all to himself for exchange of Thomas, and also to be accepting of his relationship with Steffy. Rick makes out that he owns Ridge now and must to these things so Thomas won't go to jail. Thomas then goes to Taylor and Steffy and tells them that Rick now knows he did those things to Rick. Taylor and Steffy are in shock.

Rick made a deal with Ridge that he will do anything for Rick not to send his son to jail. Thomas now is free by the help of Rick to not go to jail. But Rick uses this as a way to annoy Ridge and torture him that he owns Steffy and Ridge will not fight them anymore. Thomas was sent with James to help him become his old self again and help him with his anger his suffering with. Thomas has came back to visit which Ridge surprised Taylor with him coming back to visit her. Thomas came back on a second time and is now aware that Rick and Steffy are over.

Ridge's hatred for Brooke's son almost destroys themEdit

Rick's attempt to break up Ridge and Brooke after Taylor dumps him for an unavailable Ridge whose still married to Brooke nearly sends him over the edge after Rick claims that Ridge attacked him on top of the building when he actually attacked Ridge over Taylor. Brooke didn't take sides and tried to relay that Rdige but was so concerned for her son's health as he appeared bed-ridden. Upset with Taylor who apologized for her feelings for Ridge he just told her to go to hell and ignored her. Ridge tried to get Brooke to see that he was faking his injuries but she couldn't see it so he started spending more time with Taylor after Brooke told him to stay away for just a little while due to Rick having rage fits of not wanting Ridge around. Ridge felt rejected and took some of Taylor's psychotic drugs from her purse and drunk some wine as Taylor thought they were having a legitimate dinner and discussion and that she was winning Ridge's heart again. Taylor continued to talk sweet nothings in Ridge's ear and have sex with him as Ridge was spaced out and thinking of Brooke. Taylor awoke to discover that he was drugged and that Ridge really wasn't aware. She becomes ashamed of herself saying, she felt like she took advantage of the situation. Ridge tries to pacify her and he tells Brooke. Brooke leaves not explaining if she intended on breaking up with him or not. She continued to call him, email him and go to his office to find him but never could due to Thomas and Steffy redirecting the phone calls and answering his emails stating that he (supposedly Ridge) never wanted to see her again and he's moving on with Taylor. Taylor proposes marriage to Ridge and he accepts thinking Brooke no longer wants him. Brooke discovers the truth about Steffy and Thomas and races on a horse bedraggled to Taylor and Ridge's wedding and breaks it up before it gets started. Ridge discovers his children's plot and he calls off the wedding and he re-marries Brooke again since they're marriages are usually considered to be null and void due to the writers. Supposedly, their marriage is supposed to be legit this time. Only time will tell.

Thomas has been on the show more often now because he is working at Forrester Creations. Rick didn't want him to work there at first, but he allowed Thomas to work just to impress Steffy. Thomas still hates Rick for what he has done to his family. But recently Thomas barged in when Steffy and Rick were kissing and started pushing Rick and ready to hit him. But Steffy told him that she still loves Rick and they want a life together and be in peace with their family's support including her fathers. But Thomas isn't sure what to do and forbids them together and thinks Rick is still using Steffy.

However, with the recent family gathering called by Ridge and Brooke, everyone decided it would be best to build up from old wounds and come together as a family when Rick and Ridge finally agreed to get along. This led to Rick and Thomas to come to a settlement as step brothers. Though Thomas is still unhappy about his mother Taylor not being married to Ridge, he is coping with it. He has even accepted & embraced his mother's current husband, Jackie M Designs promotional manager Whip Jones. As of now, Steffy and Rick are no longer a couple since Steffy has made it her agenda to make Brooke and Hope Logan's life a living nightmare. She even recently told Rick that she was using him when they were dating to lash back at his mother. She wanted to take something away from her just as she felt Brooke took her father away from their mother.

After the fiasco with Rick, Thomas went and received help from James Warwick (potentially his biological father and ex-lover of Taylor Hayes his mother and the one responsible for the demise of Ridge and Taylor's marriage) a psychologist and then left to work at Forrester International in Paris, France as a way to cope with his anger towards Rick his stepbrother. On occasion he'd return to California to work with his sister Steffy and became her sounding board as she plotted and planned on ways to seduce Bill Spencer to get the Forrester company back in their hands. He would on occasion encourage her before returning back overseas to work.

Thomas observes his Sister Steffy's manipulationsEdit

Steffy confides in Thomas her pursuit of Owen, a man married to Jackie Marone. She also confides her attempt to wrest Forrester Creations from Bill Spencer by sexually seducing him and then blackmailing him to get the company back which he encourages her in. She gets the company back which he is thrilled by. She then also make known her attempt to get Oliver for herself and take him away from Hope. He watches her and takes a sip of his drink at Whip and Taylor's wedding and questions her on her intentions if she truly wanted him or was it just to stick it to Hope. He also questions her involvement with Rick Forrester which she smiles and ignores and walks off to find Oliver. Hope shows up concerned about Steffy throwing herself at Oliver and Steffy pushes the wedding cake to fall on top of her.

Brooke ForresterEdit

Thomas returns from Forrester International overseas in Paris, France and is unaware of the complete changes that have been occurring after he left California a few yeears back due to his once volatile relaionship with Rick. Thomas, whose usually a mild mannered volcano waiting to erupt, plays it cool when he learns that Steffy has taken all of his shares. After Thomas has monitored his sister's manipulative actions in person regarding Hope, Brooke and Oliver, he decides to side with his stepmother when it comes to whether or not she should stay in the company due to his mother Taylor giving Steffy all of his shares (12.5/12.5%=25%) of the company. To appease him, Ridge and Taylor decide to make him Vice-President, causing there to be a rivalry between the once-close siblings.

Thomas lashes out at his mother Taylor for creating a monster out of Steffy by giving her all of his stock and accuses Steffy of becoming a tyrant. He clearly draws the line between the both of them when he tells her "I want to be clear. I am completely against getting rid of Brooke." The comment stuns everyone as he accuses his sister of "guilt tripping their father and power tripping Brooke." And he states he refuses to be a part of the whole sorid mess. Steffy accuses her brother of just being jealous because all of the stock was given to her and not him, but he states that it's her methods that he's not going along with since dismissing Brooke would cause more attention to be brought to the situation as oppose to dismissed. He also believes the scandal will die down as it has done before in the past but bringing Brooke back in the forefront will only cause the scandal to become much more of a focused topic in the media.

Steffy is hurt by Thomas's words even though she knows that he's telling the truth.

Ridge Forrester Edit

Thomas further accuses Steffy of using psychology and manipulative tricks regarding Ridge being a bad father and abandoning them when they were young grown adults. He states that Ridge was a good father who loved them very much and never neglected them as children or teenagers for Brooke. Their home life with Brooke and Ridge wasn't traumatic as she's making it out to be so he questions her motives for all of these false allegations and believes she's trying to take the company over by using such rhetoric. Thomas also tells how Brooke has contributed more to the company then Steffy ever has. He tells his sister, "Couples get divorced! Get over it!" He also accuses her of using their mother Taylor and Stephanie's hatred against Brooke for taking over the company and wants to know why the blood related Forresters such as Thorne or Felicia aren't present for the meeting. He also demands to know why she gets such a special privilege of being the suffering one telling her that they've all suffered. He emphasizes that their father is in charge and not her. He also calls her out on her hypocrissy regarding her judgmental attitude against Brooke seeing that she got the company back by seducing Bill Spencer, Jr. In an attempt to keep peace in the company Ridge decides to let his wife go from the company which Brooke agrees to do so he can get his relationship with Steffy back on a positive track.

Thomas angered his grandmother, Stephanie Forrester, Steffy, his sister and Taylor his mother when he tells them, "We all have made mistakes here. And I don't see why you all have kept this vendetta against Brooke up so long?" He tells them he doesn't want any part of it anymore and tells them he's going along with Ridge when he's ready to reinstate Hope and Brooke back into the company. He leaves the women shocked at what they perceived to be a betrayal after Ridge lets them know that once the scandal has died down completely, Brooke and Hope will be back in the company and he's glad he has Thomas's support.

Thomas takes over Hope and Brooke's fashion campaign and is congratulated by his father for doing such a fine job when the campaign proves to be a success. He voices his support for Brooke and brings up the shinanigans his grandmother Stephanie has tried to pull in order break up Ridge, his father and his stepmother Brooke. One of them is her fake heart attacks to get Taylor and Ridge to marry again leaving Brooke out in the cold. As he stated this fact to her, Stephanie fell out at Brooke's home due to a possible heart attack and due to the several fake heart attack moments Brooke disbelieves her true life threatening moment and tells her, "I'm not falling for it! Stephanie!" And she walks upstairs as Stephanie continues to lie on the floor in distress.


Taylor addresses her concerns to Ridge regarding Thomas and Brooke working together due to Brooke's track record, even though she's guilty of sleeping with Brooke's son, Rick Forrester. Ridge also becomes concern since Brooke has been known to become caught up in unpredictable situations sometimes her fault and sometimes not her fault such as Eric sleeping with her when she was drugged. Deacon sleeping with her when she was drunk and drugged and being plied with liquor. Stephanie setting her up to be raped. Donna leaving her children when they were young and her being on the verge of having her kids taken away due to negligence even though Donna was supposed to be watching the children and the latest fiasco involving her sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend at a dark night club because he was dressed like Ridge and she was dressed like Hope. Ridge has already acknowledged that Brooke seems to have trouble follow her and he becomes especially concerned since Thomas now seems to be heavily into his stepmother who raised him from the time he was nine years old. Ridge's concern over this may prove to be nothing at all. Thomas brings his sketches to Ridge and Brooke and discusses opening up a men's line. Brooke encourages him in his dream and tells him he is so much like his father as Thomas worships her accomplishments for opening their first men line in au couture and for the bedroom line and coming up with the fragrance Belief for women. He feels she's a legend for their company and believes that her input on his men's line will lead to his major success in making a name for himself. Brooke tears up as a mother would for a son she's proud of as Thomas smiles with a beaming smile her way. Ridge is impressed. Taylor accuses Brooke of being a predator and corrupting her son, who then tells his mother to mind her own business. In an attempt to outshine Steffy and Hope's designs Thomas decides to do something scandalous on stage with Brooke being present in order for his designs to stand out. This causes Taylor, Brooke, Ridge and Eric to analyze their present, past and future.

Brooke Forrester for TabooEdit

Brooke ends up with egg on her face after Thomas takes a piece of advice from his stepfather Whip Jones to use a gimmick to draw the crowd in. The only thing he can come up with is that Brooke's scandals in the past is what has influenced the public's fascination with their family and their creative designs. Brooke does not knowingly go along with this plan but takes Thomas encouragement to just go along with whatever he comes up with in advance in order for it to be a success. She is taken by surprise and stunned as he takes her and kisses her in front of several photographers leaving Taylor, Pam and Ridge stunned.

Thomas refuses to apologize to Ridge for kissing his stepmother and tells Taylor and Ridge it was just a business move to keep the reporters interested since "Hope for the Future" was coming very close to outshining his men's designs. He also tells Ridge, his father he's doing nothing no different from what Ridge and Brooke did back in the day to bring notoriety and attention to their fashion world. He comes to see their scandals as publicity stunts to make a name for Forrester as oppose to a valid scandal. He tells them everything was his idea and Brooke had no idea what was coming. His statement falls on deaf ears. Taylor goes and calls Brooke a sick woman. Ridge accuses Brooke of creating the scandal and situation and Stephanie talks Ridge into locking Brooke out of the house and separating from his wife for awhile. Ridge and Taylor bond over Brooke's misstep and call what Brooke did an attempt to seduce their son and believe she is the aggressor. They bond together over the situation Thomas has caused. Brooke panics over losing Ridge again to another lie and misinterpretation of another misadventure situation. Whip also relays to Eric that he gave Thomas the idea and apologizes. Eric makes light of it and accepts his apology but still tells Stephanie that Brooke was a willing party to the fiasco despite the fact that Brooke had no idea whatsoever that Thomas was intending to do the stunt.

Taylor catches Brooke fitting a suit on Thomas and Taylor accuses her of going after her son telling her being married to Ridge didn't stop her from sleeping with Oliver. Brooke slapped her. Thomas shares a sensual kiss with a blonde by the name of Summer and Taylor came in yelling at her to take her hands off of her son now seeing Brooke in her mind. Taylor was embarrassed after Thomas yelled at her for bargining in like a maniac. Brooke tries to calm the situation down by telling him to not talk to his mother like that and Taylor tells her don't you tell my son how he should speak to me. Taylor goes around telling Stephanie, Nick, Eric, Ridge and Thomas that Brooke will seduce him eventually. Ridge tells her that would never happen because he would leave her if she did causing Taylor's lips to smile at the thought.

Another scandal ensues when Taylor calls out Ridge's name in bed while she and Whip are making love. Taylor tells Ridge who chuckles at the situation along with Taylor and to get back at Ridge, Whip Jones (Taylor's current husband) targets his relationship with Brooke by changing the outfit wardrobe room schedules so that Brooke and Thomas could end up in the same room to change as they got ready for the fashion show. Brooke was in her bra and panties which Thomas has probably seen before since she raised him as a child and Thomas was shirtless in his short men's underwear. As they hurried up to put the outfits on for the fashion show not being phased by seeing each other a news-reporter flashed a picture of them as Thomas tried to shield Brooke who was wearing a bra and panties. Whip hired a person to doctor the picture and made it appear as though Thomas and Brooke were looking deeply into each other's eyes. It outraged Taylor and caused Whip to chuckle over Ridge's misery. However, the photo only caused Taboo to be catapulted to the top. Whether that was Whip's intention is unknown. Whip does later confess to the photo mess. Taylor is angry at him for doing it but does forgive him.

Thomas and Brooke go to Paris to promote taboo and Thomas starts to stare at her differently as she sleeps. Later through the trip and in Paris he admits he never had seen her before as a woman but more as a caregiver somewhat mother figure and now he sees everything so differently and why men fall in love with her so much. As they return back home as Brooke sleeps Thomas leans forward and kisses her on the lips. Thomas begs Brooke not to tell his father he kissed her on the plane. Brooke considers dropping from the campaign. In an attempt to get over his confused attraction for Brooke Thomas goes back to playing the field by going back and forth between Madison and Summer and now it's hinted at that he may become involved with Marcus' potential girlfriend Dayzee or even Hope Logan, a woman who is down to earth and not overly impressed by riches or materialism.

Thomas, The New Ridge ForresterEdit

In an attempt to get over his attraction for Brooke, Thomas starts to romance Dayzee, whom he becomes genuinely attracted to, and hangs out more with Summer and Madison. Thomas placed a note on his desk that said to "Meet me in the steamroom." He knew that Brooke was coming to his office and in an attempt to allay her fears of his attraction he set it up so she'd come down to the steam room to see him hanging out with Summer. Brooke was relieved as Thomas told her he wasn't under her spell and to relax. He's not like the other Forrester men. Later Brooke and Ridge kiss telling each other how much they love each other after Summer had apologized to Brooke since she walked in on Thomas with Summer in the steam room. Ridge is glad his son is learning how to relax and dating other women.

Thomas decides to give a relationship with Dayzee a try being that they share a mutual attraction for each other, but Dayzee isn't sure if she should trust him. Marcus evens warns her to be careful when it comes to Thomas. Thomas and Dayzee decide to throw caution to the wind, and they begin dating.

Dad, You Don't want to make an enemy of meEdit

Thomas becomes enraged as Ridge decides to cancel the Taboo line after Taylor reveals to him that Thomas kissed Brooke while she was asleep. Thomas jokes, "Like father like son. Huh?" Referring to Ridge sleeping with Brooke after Eric married her after sleeping with her while she was drunk, drugged and asleep and she became pregnant after Ridge her first love and fiancee had left her for Caroline.At the time Brooke was depressed over Ridge leaving her and had been taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills along with booze in order to sleep. Ridge tries to tell him it was complicated his relationship with Brooke regarding Eric. Thomas then threatens him, "You don't want to make an enemy of me." And he tells him not to cancel the line or else and leaves. Thomas is really ridge's son they even share the same interest for Brooke

Thomas admits to kissing Brooke Edit

When Ridge finds out about Thomas kissing Brooke on the Forrester family jet, he again threatens to cancel the Taboo line, but Thomas pleads with his father not to and explains why he kissed Brooke. After a few dispute between Brooke, Taylor, Ridge and Stephanie, Ridge decides to give Thomas 5% of Forrester Creations.

The plane crashEdit

Thomas and Brooke's plane crash as they go to promote the Taboo line and Thomas saves Brooke's life by giving her CPR in the sea. Their bodies wash ashore as Ridge, Bill Spencer, Steffy Forrester and Taylor Hayes go in search of them.

Psychedelic Drugged Berries and imaginary intercourseEdit

Brooke engulfs poisonous berries on the island after the have gone two to three days without food and gives some to Thomas who at first rejected it. They both had the same imagination of frolicking in water half nude and laying naked in roses however they never kissed each others lips in the imaginary drugged world. Thomas only kissed his step-mother's forehead. Both wake up and when they do they're clothes are still on and they can barely move but wonder if they had coitus.

Ridge to the rescueEdit

Ridge comes to the rescue of Brooke and his son Thomas and Brooke freaks out when Ridge offers her berries on the boat. Ridge and Taylor both give Thomas and Brooke food at a slow pace due to the scarring of their throats. This experience later leads Taylor to believe that Ridge belongs with her and not Brooke.

Thomas warns Brooke to say nothing about the berriesEdit

Thomas becomes nervous as Brooke continues to have bouts of depression and anxiety about not telling Ridge what could have possibly happened on the island between her and her step-son Thomas who claims to not remember any details. And Taylor seeks to get to the bottom of Brooke's anxiety in an attempt to find dirt on her so she and Ridge can marry again.

Thomas teams up with Stephanie to break up "Ridge and Brooke"Edit

It is later revealed Thomas and Brooke did not have sex, but he is forced to lie to Ridge, no thanks to Stephanie, and Ridge believes his son. Taylor, Thomas' mother, later tells Ridge she still loves him and wants them to be a family again. Whip, her now-estranged husband, leaves her after she says Brooke can make her husband (referring to Ridge) believe anything. Whip calls her out on her bull for wishing, hoping and manipulating the situation to look like Brooke is after Thomas so that she and Ridge can be together. After Ridge leaves Brooke after Thomas' untrue admission, Taylor tells him she doesn't love Whip and hasn't for quite sometime. While she is happy that her parents have reunited, Steffy is disturbed by Thomas' negative attitude & unwillingness to support the reunion. What Steffy doesn't know is that Thomas is racked with guilt over what he was forced to do & is trying to figure out how he can fix the situation because he feels that Ridge is making a mistake reuniting with Taylor.

Ridge and Brooke reuniteEdit

Ridge and Brooke reunite after Stephanie is pressured by Dayzee a friend and Thomas to tell the truth At Ridge's and Taylor's wedding. A wedding that is occurring due to Ridge believing his wife slept with his son which was a lie. Brooke also encouraged Ridge to marry Taylor due to being depressed over the possiblity that she slept with her step son. Taylor is outraged and upset with Stephanie and Thomas as Ridge returns home happy to Brooke Logan his wife.

Ridge and Brooke reunite after Thomas' deception has been discovered.